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“James Kaguima is a UX designer fuelled by a passion for social impact, startups, and crafting beloved digital experiences for users.”

Co-Investigator: Empowering Community Health Advocacy

Furthermore, my involvement in the NIHR-funded project (received £150k), where I led efforts to empower young people in health decision-making, further strengthened my UX principles. Through conducting surveys of 300+ participants, interviews, focus groups, and engaging with key stakeholders, including local government and community organisations, I learned the importance of empathy, collaboration, and user advocacy in designing meaningful experiences. This experience reinforced my commitment to designing solutions that prioritise user needs, accessibility, and inclusivity, ultimately shaping my approach to UX design.

Overall, these experiences have been instrumental in shaping my UX design career, equipping me with the skills, insights, and principles necessary to create impactful and user-centric designs that drive positive change.

Chair of Elevate: Empowering Inclusive Leadership

As Chair of Elevate, I led the rebranding initiative, ensuring alignment with our mission of empowering young people to drive positive change in their communities. Overseeing the brand development process, I ensured that Elevate’s messaging, visual identity, and themes were coherent and resonated with our audience. This experience honed my skills in strategic brand management and taught me the importance of creating cohesive and compelling user experiences through design.

In addition to the rebrand, I spearheaded the launch of Elevate’s grant programme, which required extensive focus groups, consultations, and research methodologies. These activities not only informed the development of the grant programme but also provided invaluable insights into user needs and preferences. By employing user-centered research methods, such as interviews, surveys and focus groups, I gained a deeper understanding of user behavior and preferences, which directly informed my approach to UX design.

Skate Cabal: Cultivating Community through Skating

Building Skate Cabal, a multi-award-winning community empowerment platform centered around the joy of skating, was a transformative experience that deeply influenced my growth as a UX designer. As the overseer of the brand’s development, I was responsible for conducting extensive research into our customer base to understand their needs and challenges. This involved engaging with the community through surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gather insights directly from our users.

Through this process, I gained a profound understanding of our users’ perspectives, aspirations, and pain points, which proved invaluable in developing tailored services such as the Skate Jam Academy and the Skate Smart Academy. By collaborating with local authorities, charities, and businesses, we were able to deliver engaging experiences that fostered inclusivity, well-being, and social change within our community.

The iterative nature of Skate Cabal’s development, driven by continuous feedback and user-centric design principles, has been instrumental in shaping my approach to UX design. By deeply empathizing with our users and understanding their needs, I learned to develop solutions that address real-world challenges and provide tangible results. This hands-on experience has honed my ability to design intuitive and impactful user experiences that resonate with our audience and cultivate a loyal and engaged fan base.

Overall, my experience with Skate Cabal has reinforced the importance of user research, iterative design, and community engagement in creating meaningful and effective UX solutions. It has equipped me with the skills, insights, and empathy necessary to develop solutions that not only meet user needs but also inspire positive social change and foster a sense of belonging within communities.


Jul 2021 - Present

Elevate | London Legacy Development Corporation


I spearheaded the rebranding efforts to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence for the inclusive leadership program. This involved aligning our brand identity, mission, and values with the needs and aspirations of our community members, a process that closely parallels the user-centered approach in UX design. By actively engaging with stakeholders and incorporating their feedback, I gained valuable insights into user preferences and behavior, which informed our branding decisions and ensured resonance with our target audience. Additionally, my role in overseeing the development of the grant program provided me with hands-on experience in designing systems and processes that prioritize user accessibility and inclusivity. By integrating user feedback and conducting thorough research, I ensured that the grant program addressed the specific needs and challenges faced by young leaders in our community, demonstrating my commitment to creating user-centric solutions. Overall, my experience as Chair of Elevate not only enhanced my skills in brand development and program management but also deepened my understanding of user needs and preferences, laying a solid foundation for my career in UX design.

Nov 2022 - Present

Newham Council

project manager

I leveraged my expertise in project management and user experience design to spearhead initiatives aimed at enhancing community engagement and fostering a sense of belonging within the borough. One notable project involved designing an interactive treasure hunt application for new employees of public sector organizations in Newham. Through extensive research on community hubs and local businesses, I curated a unique experience that not only familiarized newcomers with their surroundings but also supported local enterprises through exclusive deals and discounts. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in the development of the Newham United film in collaboration with PatCam Productions. By contributing to this initiative, I helped weave together the vibrant cultural tapestry of the borough, promoting inclusivity and unity among residents. My role as a Project Manager at Newham Council allowed me to combine strategic project management with user-centered design principles to create impactful experiences that enrich the lives of individuals and strengthen community bonds.

Sep 2021 - Present

Skate Cabal


I honed my UX design skills by crafting innovative and user-centric products and experiences for the roller skating community. By conducting extensive research and engaging with community members, I gained insights into user needs and preferences, which informed the design of our apparel, merchandise, and e-commerce platform. Through iterative design processes and continuous user feedback, I optimized the user journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers. My experience at Skate Cabal equipped me with valuable UX design principles and methodologies that I apply to my work in creating meaningful and impactful digital experiences.

Jul - Oct 2022

Love Circular

Product Design Bootcamp

I took on the role of leading a team of 12 designers, overseeing their work to ensure alignment with client expectations and the latest design standards. Through regular supervision and feedback sessions, I guided team members in refining their designs to meet project requirements and exceed client expectations. By fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, I empowered team members to showcase their creativity and skillsets while maintaining consistency and coherence across projects. My leadership played a crucial role in driving the success of our design initiatives and in nurturing the growth and development of team members within Love Circular.

March 2022

Samsung Solve Tomorrow challenge

Design thinking challenge

Participating in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge provided me with invaluable experience in applying design thinking principles to address complex social issues. By emphasizing problem reframing, ideation, and realization, the challenge equipped me with a structured approach to problem-solving that I have since applied to my UX career. Through the design thinking process, I learned to deeply understand user needs, generate innovative solutions, and effectively implement them to create meaningful impact. This experience enhanced my ability to tackle UX challenges with creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking, ultimately contributing to my growth as a UX professional.

2019 - 2022

Hasani Agency

Freelance Web designer

As a freelance web designer at Hasani Agency, my journey of self-teaching during lockdown not only enhanced my technical skills but also cultivated a deep understanding of user experience (UX) principles. Through designing websites, I learned to prioritize user needs, streamline navigation, and create intuitive interfaces. This hands-on experience in UX design enabled me to translate complex concepts into user-friendly digital experiences, a skillset I now apply to various projects within the community. Additionally, my role in managing websites for diverse clients during Law School equipped me with invaluable insights into client collaboration and project management, essential aspects of UX design in a professional setting.

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I believe in the fact that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new technologies that will help me design and develop a better output in less time.

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